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Volunteers jam (for free) in YEG

Want to go to a free concert? Are you involved in your community through volunteering? If so, keep reading, If not, keep reading anyway. NextGen, an initiative created by the City of Edmonton, is hosting a free concert to celebrate…

October 21, 2016


New campus gets high grades

This September, NAIT’s new Crane and Hoisting campus in Spruce Grove opened after a whirlwind of construction. The facility has many benefits over the old Nisku and Souch Campus locations. All of the classrooms are included at the new campus,…

October 21, 2016



The NAIT campus is slated to get a little bigger once again. Hot on the heels of the institution’s new Centre for Applied Technologies (CAT), the proposal for its Productivity and Innovation Centre (or PIC) got a kick start with…

October 21, 2016


Know your labour rights

I’ve heard from a number of close friends this year, telling me tales of terrible working conditions and downright job loss. Sure, things aren’t looking too shiny with the economic downturn but students have faced similar problems regardless of boom…

October 21, 2016


Test-taking strategies

Be prepared. This, of course, is the most important strategy for exam success. ● While studying test yourself on an ongoing basis to make sure you really know and understand the material. Just reading and re-reading is the least effective…

October 15, 2016

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Simple but delicious

During my first semester at NAIT, one of the many interesting classes I got to take was the study of soups and vegetables! I got really excited because that was one of the things I felt passionate about but also…

October 15, 2016


Life’s natural progression

Bon Iver – the name strikes a chord in the hearts of fans whenever they hear it. The name a variant on the French phrase “Bon Hiver” which means “Good Winter.” This perfectly sums up the feeling of finding hope…

October 15, 2016


Biz student is a music man

According to, a centrifuge is “an apparatus that rotates at high speed and … separates substances of different densities … ” This week, the word ‘centrifuge’ gains a new meaning. Centrifuge is the first full-length electronic instrumental album of…

October 15, 2016


Meditation is a useful tool

It’s that time of the semester when heavily weighted labs are due, midterms are worth 30 per cent of your final grade and group projects are being done with individuals who take a free ride while you do all the…

October 15, 2016


2 Thanksgiving meals

Not every student went running straight home after class for the Thanksgiving long weekend. For some who stayed on campus, they got to experience Thanksgiving for the first time – thanks to the International Stu- dent Centre. For the third…

October 15, 2016