Daily Archives : November 4, 2016


Words of caution for Oil fans

The Edmonton Oilers’ hot start to the season has the city excited for what could come from our favourite team. (Nobody said the P-word). It is easy to get excited but these points need to be considered before we contact…

November 4, 2016


Fans flock to esports

Last year, when I created a web portfolio to showcase some of my writing and video work and labelled myself a “multimedia journalist,” the term earned a few scoffs from some of my classmates. “Multimedia journalist,” they sneered. “Sounds a…

November 4, 2016


Media under watch

Being a journalist can be scary sometimes. Here at the Nugget, the worst things we face are looming deadlines and a stomach ache from trying to eat leftover pizza a few days later than advised. Out in the real, wild…

November 4, 2016


CAT officially opens

For those with classes in the shiny newness that is the CAT Building, there was a great hustle and bustle on the ground floor last week. The event? The official grand opening of the Centre for Applied Technology. A highlight…

November 4, 2016


Spend, save or create

Finance is a field that studies the dynamics of investment. So why should that matter to you? If investment is supposed to garner future profits and results, then truly finance in its simplest terms is a way to build more…

November 4, 2016


Cutting through the clutter

I’ll come right out and say it – I have a clutter problem. Most people will understand what I mean when I say clutter problem. A busy life starts accumulating stuff – to-do lists, mail, notes – and the home…

November 4, 2016