Daily Archives : January 23, 2017


It’s time to take a stand

I am an unapologetic feminist. Too often, however, that statement will be charged with images of bra-burning (which is a myth, the famous protest at the 1968 Miss America Pageant never included bra burning) and sanctimonious tirades. But I am…

January 23, 2017


How to succeed in Math

Post secondary math courses generally go at about twice the pace of high school courses so you are expected to absorb new material much more quickly. Math is learned mostly by doing problems, not by memorizing. Therefore, most of your…

January 23, 2017


CAT crosswalk safer

No doubt many students have noticed the bright flashing lights and solar panel installation at the crosswalk to the CAT building on 106 Street. The crosswalk had been a vocal topic around campus for much of the fall semester. There…

January 23, 2017


Oil industry on the cusp

The furor caused by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comment, referencing the eventual phasing out of Alberta’s oilsands developments, hit a feverish pitch the likes of which has not been seen since his father introduced the National Energy Policy decades ago….

January 23, 2017