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Simple but delicious

During my first semester at NAIT, one of the many interesting classes I got to take was the study of soups and vegetables! I got really excited because that was one of the things I felt passionate about but also…

October 15, 2016


Life’s natural progression

Bon Iver – the name strikes a chord in the hearts of fans whenever they hear it. The name a variant on the French phrase “Bon Hiver” which means “Good Winter.” This perfectly sums up the feeling of finding hope…

October 15, 2016


Biz student is a music man

According to, a centrifuge is “an apparatus that rotates at high speed and … separates substances of different densities … ” This week, the word ‘centrifuge’ gains a new meaning. Centrifuge is the first full-length electronic instrumental album of…

October 15, 2016


Meditation is a useful tool

It’s that time of the semester when heavily weighted labs are due, midterms are worth 30 per cent of your final grade and group projects are being done with individuals who take a free ride while you do all the…

October 15, 2016


Rogers Place nice, not wow

This past weekend, my family and I went to the Edmonton Oiler’s last preseason game, played in the brand new Rogers Place. In the third period, with just 2:34 left on the clock, Vancouver’s Markus Granlund broke the tie, bringing the…

October 15, 2016


Queen of Katwe a moving success story

Inspired by a true story, Queen of Katwe is a wonderful, heartfelt film with an inspiring message and a charismatic cast. It is based on the story of Phiona Mutesi, a chess prodigy. Her struggles through life and her journey to…

October 15, 2016


Ask the Editors: Best Weekend Getaways

What is your favourite weekend getaway? Danielle Fuechtmann, Editor-in-Chief I adore a nice weekend at home but recently my friends and I have been doing mini trips more often. We recently took a jaunt out to Bon Accord for a…

October 7, 2016

July Talk

It’s all “Talk” all the time!

July Talk came out with their self-titled first album in 2012 and Canadians have been singing their praises since and with good reason! Not many bands nowadays capture the spirit of blues rock straight from the Delta while having synth…

September 23, 2016


Remember to breathe

For the most part I’ve been lukewarm to the new modern horror films populating the silver screen. But when I went to The Conjuring 2 earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised by the storytelling and it rekindled my love…

September 23, 2016

Apple airpods

Try to go truly wireless

Last Wednesday, Apple made their annual September announcement, which I found to be overall quite … disappointing. As an avid Apple fan, those who know me best may be shocked to hear this, but it is true. And I assure…

September 15, 2016