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Ooks Continue to Make History

The NAIT men’s hockey team had another successful weekend and moved to 30-0 after a sweep of the Concordia Thunder this past weekend with a destroying 8-1 victory on Friday night, and a 6-4 decision the following evening. Friday evening…

February 23, 2016


Men’s hockey reaches new ACAC record

The NAIT men’s hockey team reached a new ACAC record after another exciting back-to-back series against the second-place Augustana Vikings last week. If the Ooks were to lose at all, it would have been to the Vikings; however, they recorded…

February 21, 2016


Meet (some of) Your Candidates

  Name: Abdul Anjum Candidate For: President   Active Online Presence: N/A   Campus Involvement: N/A       This candidate has been removed from the ballot. Awaiting results of NAITSA committee report. Name: Arly Caluag Candidate For: VP Academic…

February 10, 2016


Oscars Review

There it is, another Oscar ceremony come and gone. It wasn’t a bad way to spend four hours. As for the show itself, meh. I’d give it a solid B-minus. Strong opening song, I felt. The use of the protections…

February 23, 2015