Daily Archives : January 30, 2017

Mental pitfalls of sports

Sports are mental exercises just as much as they are physical tests. How these elements impact a game can vary. Obviously, there are pure exploits of physical dominance that are some sort of combination between talent, practised ability and luck….

January 30, 2017

Looking past textbooks

For students, one of the greatest costs, aside from tuition, is textbooks. Prices often reach into the hundreds of dollars for a single subject and taking several subjects a semester can increase those costs exponentially. Those financial obligations often come…

January 30, 2017

Cuts For Success

Making a good impression on prospective employers at the annual Career Fair was a mite less expensive when students took advantage of free haircuts on Monday, Jan. 16, courtesy of Est-Elle Academy. NAITSA set up a temporary salon in the…

January 30, 2017